Wedding rings or wedding vows symbolizes the Western wedding, where as wedding chain symbolizes the Eastern wedding. There are many differences between Eastern and western wedding for example differences in wedding receptionwedding halls, wedding party and many other things.
Wedding reception is very common in western wedding ceremonies. Some times receptions are arranged after wedding, some times before. Commonly receptions arrange in evening times. Dinner in reception is quite different from other dinners. Western wedding include dance, music, orchestras, poetry, prayer.
Some traditions of Western wedding represents the bride's and her father's relationship and her relationship with new family. Some traditions symbolizes the relationship between husband and wife. Modern couples are not giving importance to these tradition. Day by day these customs are vanishing.
Wedding rings plays very big role in every western marriage. Wedding rings are the sign of expressing one's love and affection to his beloved. It is the symbol of faith and confidence. The moment of exchanging Wedding rings between bride and groom is unforgotten memory in their life. It symbolizes future relationship of couples.
Best man concept is commonly associated with western weddings, especially in British tradition. Best man is responsible to present wedding rings during the symbolic moment of exchange of ring/s between the bride and the groom in front of all guests at wedding hall.
In western countries, wedding is a great moment which gives a new life to both bride and groom. Marriage is a precursor to parenthood, taking the promise of a new generation. This precious moment is embedded with traditions, customs, celebrations including engagement and wedding receptions.
In respect to dress of bride, white plays an important role 
inritual of wedding in western culture. As new designs of wedding gowns are available, today brides may
attractedtowards these designs that do not look verytraditional. However, The tradition of wearing wedding gowns in western weddings, has unchanged.There are different types of Wedding are followed in western culture. They are Double wedding, Destination wedding, weekend wedding, white wedding, military wedding, civil wedding, sneak wedding etc.
Here some bridal dresses of different colours for western brides are added.